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Hands-Free Body Sculpting Vacuum Therapy Machine with XL Cups

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Enjoy more efficient body sculpting treatment for clients with  this easy to operate vacuum therapy system that allows for hand-free operation by the therapists.  Breast lifting, butt shaping, and lymphatic detox are all achieved without the need for therapists to stand by constantly. 

  • 3 sizes of breast cups, including 150 ml XL size
  • 3pairs of cupping cups
  • 12 pieces of scrub cups
  • 3 pieces of finger cups.

Effects of Vacuum Therapy Machine m Beautiful woman stretches

Treatment Benefits:

  1. Breast augmentation & lifting
  2. Breast shape correcting, nipple sag improvement
  3. Skin tightening, lifting, & firming on your targeted body parts
  4. Face & body contouring, reshaping, and slimming
  5. Improved skin elasticity & skin tone
  6. Reduction of orange-peel-like tissue on body parts such as arms and thighs
  7. Improved circulation of the lymph system 
  8. General healthy massage, cupping, scraping therapy

Vacuum Therapy Machine, Meter Display

How can this machine be Hands Free?

The machine’s Smart System comes with a vacuum sensor, which effectively monitors at what suction power the machine is working best. The suction power is then maintained according to the setting time. 

Therefore the therapist does not need to constantly monitor and take care of the client. Instead she/he can even take care of 2-3 clients at the same time.

This all results in low investment for the machine yet high return from treatments. Furthermore, clients can feel more relaxed and comfortable if the therapist doesn’t constantly monitor them.


1 x Main machine

3 x Pairs of breast cups (size as shown in picture below)

3 x Pairs of cups for cupping 

6 x Pairs of air/gas cups for scrubbing

3 x Fingertip cups for rhythm massage

2 x Shooting connection tube

1 x Long connecting tube

1 x Power cord (We will match you with the right plug according to your address)

Download Instructions Manual 

Hands-Free Body Sculpting Vacuum Therapy Machine



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