Woman receiving hydrafacial treatment with a hydrafacial machine in beauty salon

How to Buy a Hydrafacial Machine for Your New Spa Business

Offering facials is necessary as a spa owner - it’s definitely one of the most popular options for pampering and general self care. 

Facials have a way of making someone feel like an entirely new person. Whether it’s about treating a skin condition or getting a fix to sit back and relax, a facial can relax the mind while removing dead skin cells and improving the skin’s texture. 

Investing in a hydrafacial machine for your business is a simple way to increase your service offerings, attract new clientele, and make your business more valuable. With this machine, you can make getting facials more comfortable and convenient for your clients, all while improving your skillset and enhancing your business along the way.  

Here are a few reasons you may consider investing in a hydrafacial machine.

Reasons to Buy Your Own Hydrafacial Machine

Hydrafacial machines are designed to address immediate skin concerns in a short period of time. Using high-definition macros camera technology, you can take care of your clients’ fine lines and blemishes once and for all. This impressive digital device can take your once traditional facials and turn them into something that clients can’t live without. 

Interested in making the investment for your business? Here are a few reasons to consider buying a hydrafacial machine:

1. Give the Professional Hydrafacial Experience

Owning and operating your own hydrafacial machine allows you to help your clients achieve the benefits of a professional facial and reveal the flawless glowing skin they crave. Hydrafacial machines are designed to deliver all sorts of great skincare benefits, including removal of dead skin cells, getting rid of dirt and existing acne, increasing skin elasticity, stimulating collagen and much more!

2. Learn How to Do It Yourself

With the convenience of purchasing and learning how to use a hydrafacial machine in your own salon, you can improve your esthetician skills and offerings without the need for additional certification or training. Hydrafacial machines are designed to be user friendly and intuitive so you can make the most of your clients’ skin care experiences, every time. 

3. Save Money Over Time 

Traditional facials use an array of lotions and serums, and tend to take a lot of time and effort to achieve. When you use a hydrafacial machine, you can spend less time performing a facial and more time showing your clients the amazing results. Plus, you’ll save money on topical products. It might seem like a large cost upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run. 


Rejuva Fresh Hydra Facial Hydro Dermabrasion machine for revitalizing skin

How Much is a Hydrafacial Machine?

Are you interested in making a purchase, but you want to know how much a hydrafacial machine costs? Hydrafacial machine costs can range from one brand to another, but if you’re looking to make the investment in a high quality machine at a reasonable cost, Rejuva Fresh may be the option for you.

Our hydrafacial machines for sale range from only $400 to $5,000. As your business expands, you may want to consider purchasing several hydrafacial machines to meet clients needs.

Can Anyone Buy a Hydrafacial Machine?

Yes! You don’t have to be a professional dermatologist to purchase and own a hydrafacial machine. There are no specific certifications necessary to operate a Rejuva Fresh hydrafacial machine. 

It’s true that you don’t have to have any specific experience in esthetics to buy and use a hydrafacial machine correctly, however if you are a new or tenured esthetician, salon owner, or even a bigger spa owner, and you’re looking to add new services to your book, a hydrafacial machine can make a great investment!

Browse Rejuva Fresh for Hydrafacial Machines

Are you ready to bring a new hydrafacial machine to your salon to provide the best and most convenient advanced skin care? Do you want to add hydrafacials to your esthetician service offerings? Rejuva Fresh has a variety of different machines for both hydra dermabrasion and hydro dermabrasion.   

The 7 in 1 Intelligent Skin Analyzer Hydra Facial Machine, for example, uses cutting edge technology and convenience to deliver a comfortable and satisfying skin rejuvenating experience. 

Achieving a glowing complexion in the comfort of your own is made simple by Rejuva Fresh. Browse our hydrafacial treatment machines today.