Personalized Online Training from Rejuva Fresh

Welcome to one of the most supportive personalized training programs in the global marketplace of professional spa equipment. No matter what your level of expertise and objectives, our expert training staff is here assist you in learning exactly what you need to know in order to maximize results when using your new Rejuva Fresh spa equipment.

What is Rejuva Fresh Training Support?  

After you purchase a qualifying professional spa machine from Rejuva Fresh, you’ll enjoy complimentary access to our Advanced Personalized Online Training, which provides comprehensive knowledge and flexible learning. You’ll have the option to schedule one to one meetings with our expert educators, who will share tips helpful tips and advice on how to maximize treatment results when using your Rejuva Fresh equipment.

Each of our clients is unique and has different levels of experience, different goals & needs. Whether you are an advanced esthetician, or a medical doctor with 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry, or a complete beginner, our instructors will adjust your training sessions accordingly.

The training is also completely free of charge, and includes ongoing client support and continuing access to our resources of knowledge.

Zoom or FaceTime with our Expert Educators

Our comprehensive training support ensures that all of your questions and concerns are addressed, leaving you feeling confident and totally prepared for success.

After you receive your machine(s) please sign up for training at your convenience and select Zoom or FaceTime.

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Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing your initial training, you can request a prestigious Rejuva Fresh Certificate of Completion to hang on the wall. This certificate is complimentary and verifies that you have completed our training and are qualified to perform outstanding treatments with Rejuva Fresh equipment. Show your clients that you are an industry expert and have the skills to meet their needs!

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