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Rejuva Fresh

8 in 1 Hydrafacial Machine for Skin Rejuvenation

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Use this professional machine to refresh, revitalize and nourish worn out, dehydrated and sunken skin, revealing a healthier, younger looking facial complexion.

Skin on Face Before and After Hydrafacial Machine Treatment

Before and After Hydrafacial Treatment
Treatment Benefits, in Summary:

  • Thoroughly deep¬†cleanses the skin, while delivering hydration and ¬†nourishment
  • Reduces the¬†appearance¬†of fine lines and wrinkles, with a plumping ¬†effect
  • Unclogs pores, reducing congestion and acne
  • Improves the appearance of acne scarring
  • Shrinks apparent pore size
  • Refines thickened skin
  • Promotes collagen regeneration, strengthening and improving skin elasticity, promoting improved skin health¬†
  • Whitens the skin, helping it appear less yellow and dull¬†
  • Tightens pores, reducing sagging skin and increasing skin transparency
  • Firms the facial complexion, reducing double chin
  • The¬†treatments performed by the machine are suitable for most skin types, including those with¬†sensitive skin types

 Benefits of Hydrafacial Facial Machine with 6 Handles and LED Light Mask


Features 8 Treatment Attachments:

* Note: This Machine is similar to 7 in 1 Hydrafacial Machine for Skin Rejuvenation, with the added feature of Nano Spray. 

  1. Bubble Pen:  (with 8 heads) Deep cleaning pores, exfoliating, removing blackheads 
  2. BIO Head:  Micro-current to tighten and whiten skin, increase cell permeability, make skin more soft and elastic
  3. RF Head:  Firm skin and reduce wrinkles 
  4. Ultrasonic:  Promote micro circulation, cell renewal and help skin nutrition be more fully absorbed 
  5. Icy Repairing Head:  Calm down the skin after RF treatment, refresh skin & reduce puffy eyes
  6. Oxygen Rejuvenation:  Oxygen injection and moisturizing.
  7. Nano Spray:  Helps skincare products get absorbed deeply in the skin
  8. LED Light Therapy Mask: Seven Colors - Red (whitening, reducing skin discoloration), Green (help maintain water and oil balance), Blue (anti-acne, anti-inflammatory), Yellow (replenish skin energy), Purple (whitening), Cyan (reduce fine lines), White (firming)

Parts of Professional Hydrafacial Machine

product diagram of 8 in 1 Facial RejuvenationMachine Part





Working Power: 26W

Approx. Net Weight: about 4 kg

Approx. Gross Weight: about 6.5 kg

Approx. Machine Size: 32.5*42*27 cm / 12.8*16.5*10.6 inches

Dimensions of 8 in 1 Hydrafacial Facial Machine

Hydrafacial Machine Parameters

Parameters of Hydrafacial Machine

LED Light Therapy Facial Rejuvenation Mask Seven Colors with Different Benefits

1 x Machine Main Unit

1 x Bubble Pen With 8 Heads

1 x BIO Head

1 x RF Head

1 x Ultrasonic Head

1 x Icy Repairing Head

1 x Oxygen Rejuvenator

1   Nano Sprayer

1 x LED Mask

1 x Support

1 x Power Cable

1 x Fuse Cable(Spare)

1 x Instructions Manual

1 x Packing Box

Parts of Hydrafacial Machine, Attachment Heads, Power Cords
Tops.Co.Th, Bottom and Side view of Hydrafacial Machine
Download Instructions PDF


  • Machine Power: 65W
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • RF Power: 26W
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Material: ABS
  • Vacuum Pressure: ‚ȧ680mmHg
  • Machine Size: 35*30*28cm
  • Machine Weight: 7 kg
  • Packing Size: 44*36*36cm
  • Package Weight: 9 kg


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