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EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine with 4 Handles

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Our professional EMSlim machine uses the most advanced high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to convert electrical energy into strong magnetic force, which trains & tones muscles while burning fat.

Enjoy satisfying visible results:

Our machine frequency is very fast, with frequency as high as 150HZ.   Power is strong, up to 3000W and magnetic vibration intensity up to 7 Tesla. 

The 4 handles (2 abdominal handpieces & 2 arm/leg handpieces) can work simultaneously with with different  intensities (selected by you), so you can treat multiple body areas or more than one person efficiently.  This makes the treatment more profitable.

‚ėĎÔłŹ One year¬†Warranty

‚ėĎÔłŹ Download¬†Instructions¬†

You can also buy this same machine with two handles instead of four:  EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine with 2 Handles

Ultimate way to build muscle and burn fat, without exercise, EMSlim Body Sculpting2 

Changes in the fat and muscle layers resulting from EMSlim treatment

.Apoptosis Index increased 92% after EMSculpt Treatment

Fat reduction, waist circumference reduction, and muscle increase from EMSculpt Treatment


  • Fast results - only 30 minutes per session to achieve the dramatic visible effects, similar to¬†5 hours of constant intense gym exercise (e.g.¬†20,000 crunches or squats).
  • Enjoy immediate results, and see these results get even better after 2 to 4 weeks time. ¬†
  • Highly effective for shaping¬†the buttocks &¬†abdominal areas, as it removes the very stubborn fat deposits in these areas.
  • Lose more weight all over and eliminate obesity¬†
  • Reduce loose skin¬†& cellulite on your targeted areas (stomach, thighs, arms, etc.)
  • Increase the amount of muscle fibers and cells¬†
  • Improve muscle isolation, tone and strength¬†
  • Fat burning results are permanent, as your body does not replace the treated fat cells
  • Works on all adult body types
  • Non-invasive, no downtime, no side effects &¬†pain free
  • Portable, convenient & easy to use - just turn it on & the system does the work¬†
  • Brand new built-in air-cooling system allows for continuous working without failure

    EMSculpt Neo Zmachine treats multiple areas such as arms, abdominals, buttocks, legs
    Added Benefits:

    • Smooths & firms your skin
    • Strengthens your core muscles¬†
    • Activates collagen regeneration of the lower pelvic floor muscle tissue
    • Assists with¬†postpartum repair¬†
    • Reduces chronic pain in muscles &¬†joints

    How does it work? 

    High intensity electromagnetic electromagnetic waves (concentrated, tight magnetic waves), penetrate up to 8 cm of subcutaneous muscle tissue safely and non-invasively.  The waves act on the muscle motor neural network in the brain to trigger continuous very strong muscle contraction.  

    The effect of this ‚Äúsuper muscle exercise‚ÄĚ and fat¬†apoptosis cannot be achieved by normal exercise alone. ¬†This high-grade extreme training forces¬†movement in nearly 100% of muscle fibers, while normal general exercise will¬†only reach 20-30%. ¬†This extreme training encourages your¬†muscles to remodel and grow, producing new collagen chains and new muscle fibers.

    The energy requirements of muscle cells are greatly increased by the process, which in turn triggers a large amount of fat breakdown in the body and release of epinephrin.  Because there is ATP energy produced by the muscle contraction exercise, you can continue to lose fat even when you sleep.


    • Magnetic Vibration Intensity: ¬†7 Tesla
    • Frequency: ¬†1-150Hz
    • Input Voltage: ¬†110 V/ 220 V
    • Output power: ¬†300 - 3000 W
    • Fuse: ¬†20 A
    • Machine Host Size: ¬†52 x 39 x 34 cm
    • Package Size: ¬†65 x 47 x 63 cm
    • Machine Weight: ¬†43 kg


    • Main Machine¬†
    • 4 Handles for Abdomen, Hips, Arms, and¬†Legs
    • 5 Bandages
    • Instructions
    • Training video available
    • 1 year warranty¬†

    Front and back view of the EMSculpt Body Sculpting Machine

    Muscular man and woman, EMSculpt Body Sculpting Machine