Benefits of using an EMSZero Machine

Benefits of using an EMSZero Machine

An EMSzero body sculpting machine may be the ultimate tool you need to help reveal the sexy sculpted body you crave.  Whether you are a trying to reduce fat,  perfect your lean bikini body or you are dreaming of having six pack abs, EMSzero sculpting can provide the non-invasive treatment boost you need.   

And it’s not all superficial.  In fact, using an EMSzero machine offers you a host of health benefits that will help you  look and feel  better than ever.

Before we dive into the benefits of EMSzero, let’s find out what is an EMSzero machine and what it’s used for.

Professional EMSZero Machine with 4 handles and cushion

What is an EMSzero machine?

EMSzero is a professional beauty machine that tones and sculpts the whole body without causing any pain and without invasive surgery.   EMSzero is one of the newest  high intensity ems body sculpting machines on the market, and its becoming well known for delivering fast and effective results, including improved body contour on specific body parts that have been resistant to even the most rigorous workout routines. 

Supra-maximal Muscle Building and Body Toning 

EMSzero works by causing muscles to engage in a very intense workout.   The technology involves sending high intensity electromagnetic waves deep into the body, penetrating up to 7cm of subcutaneous tissue, and forcing many thousands of muscle contractions per minute .  This extreme training results in deep muscle remodeling and an increase of muscle density and volume.  The effects can be quite significant,  and even after the first treatment, the receiver feels that the muscles were strengthened.

You can even achieve six pack abs with the EMSzero treatment, provided that you don’t have much abdominal fat to begin with.  More well-defined abdominal muscle becomes visible as the muscle is increased and fat is broken down. 

Fat Reduction and Slimming

The ultra intense workout process induced by EMSzero also results in a large amount of fat decomposition.    High concentration causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis, and the fat cells are efficiently excreted from the body via normal metabolism within a few weeks.   The result is loss of inches on the targeted body areas as well as cellulite reduction.

EMSzero is not only effective for athletes and supermodels, it’s also effective for people with fat on their abdomen.  However, as explained by Umbareen Mahmood, MD, “6 pack abs won’t be a realistic outcome in those cases”.  For bodies with a lot of fat,  it’s best to consider to combination treatment program such as Cryolipolysis or Liposuction to remove more fat, followed by high intensity EMS body sculpting with EMSzero .

Improved Butt Lifting

EMSzero sculpts the butt using the same technique - supramaximal muscle contractions.  This noninvasive butt lift procedure will be opted for by many people in place of an invasive Brazilian butt lift, because it is painless and provides a defined shape instead of adding excess fat.

EMSZero paddles are strapped to buttocks

Pelvic Floor Training

EMSzero also has an optional cushion handle.  This cushion uses the same kind of treatment - high intensity electromagnetic energy - to tighten and strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treat urinary incontinence. 

Painless, non-invasive body sculpting with no downtime

As mentioned, EMSzero sculpting is a painless procedure.  The treatment receiver will feel like they are getting an intense workout and there may be some temporary soreness following the treatment.  But that’s about it.

Note that EMSzero treatment is completed in 30 minutes, and the receiver is in a lying down position.   That’s right - it’s an intense workout but you are relaxing. 

Feel stronger with more energy and improved body image

After receiving the EMSzero treatment even the first time, you’ll also likely notice an improvement in the way you feel.  You will likely feel stronger when doing workouts at the gym, for example.  You will also may feel more energized because the treatment naturally increases metabolism.

What’s the result of improved body contour together with more energy and strength?  Yes that’s right - higher self esteem and ability to take on the universe.

Three women feel fit, EMSZERO machine

Get your EMSzero machine

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