HIFU Facial Treatment

HIFU Facial Treatment - Benefits for Your Skin & for Your Spa

Imagine if you could tighten and lift your facial skin, remove fine lines and wrinkles and get a youthful, glowing complexion, all by undergoing a 1 hour easy painless treatment.  Sound to good to be true?  Well it’s not, and it’s called HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).

The reality is that as we humans age, our skin tends to loose elasticity, but fortunately with modern technology, there are a number of cosmetic procedures, which effectively tighten the skin, reduce sagging and restore youthful bounce to your skin.  Popular procedures include radio frequency, IPL, laser resurfacing, botox, and the one we focus on here, which is HIFU treatment.

Due to its effectiveness,  HIFU facial treatment is becoming increasingly popular and in demand.   Read on to learn how HIFU facial treatment works, what type of results you can expect to enjoy, and why HIFU is a must have treatment offering for your medspa or salon business.

What is HIFU Facial Treatment & How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, HIFU is an abbreviation for high intensity focused ultrasound, and when used in a facial treatment, this is how it works:

First the doctor or esthetician cleans the patient’s face and applies gel.  Then the handle of the HIFU machine makes contact with the facial skin and a “shot” of high intensity energy is released, causing the transmission of radio frequency energy deep within the sagging skin, creating heat.  This heat damages the skin cells and encourages these cells to try to repair themselves.

As part of the repair process, collagen is created.  Collagen is the crucial substance in the body that promotes structure and elasticity.  If an area of the body, such as the face, is lacking in collagen, the skin will show wrinkles and sagging.  And if there is plenty of collagen, the skin responds by being smooth, elastic and healthy.

A complete HIFU facial treatment can take about 45 minutes - 1 hour and,  depending on the HIFU machine, 500 or more “shots” of energy may be applied on each part of the face.

Because HIFU can be so effective at boosting collagen in the facial tissues, the skin tightening and smoothing results can be dramatic, but they do not fully manifest immediately.  That’s because the cellular repair process that’s been activated will continue for weeks to come.  Yes you may experience some instant results, however to fully achieve one’s desired beauty goals, regular HIFU facial treatments spaced at least 4-6 weeks apart are often required.

What are the Benefits of HIFU Facials vs Surgical Facelift?

HIFU is actually a great alternative to surgical procedures that tighten the skin.   You might say that HIFU allows you experience a facelift without surgery!

Just like surgical facelifts, a HIFU facial treatment smoothes wrinkles and tones skin, giving you a younger, refreshed look. Lifting and tightening, it shrinks pores, brightens complexion, increases skin elasticity while reducing sagging.

The obvious advantages of HIFU over invasive facelift is less risk and less pain, but also HIFU is a more reasonable cost for the receiver.  While a surgical facelift usually will cost  more than $10,000, each HIFU session will typically cost $500-$1500.

Should You Be Offering HIFU Treatment in Your Aesthetic Business?

As a spa owner or esthetician, if you are already offering HIFU facials on your treatment menu,  then you probably already know first hand what satisfaction they can bring to clients, because all of us want to enjoy younger looking glowing skin!

Also, you may have noticed that offering HIFU facials can be rather profitable, and a quick calculation proves it.  For example, let’s say you are using the Rejuva Fresh 7D HIFU machine, and you are using the 4 cartridges designed for the face in each and every one of your facial treatments.  (The other 3 cartridges in this machine are designed for the body). The initial investment in the machine is less than $3000, and each cartridge has 20,000 shots.  You’ll typically use less than 500 shots per cartridge during one facial.  20,000/500 = 40, so about 40 HIFU facial treatments can be done with 4 cartridges and replacing the 4 cartridges will cost less than $800.   Based on this calculation, the cartridges consumable cost is less than $800/40 = $20 per session.   The only other consumables cost is ultrasound gel and numbing cream, which will add an additional $5 per session.  If you are pricing the treatment at $1000 and the consumables cost is $25, the treatment is unarguably profitable.  If you would like to project the ROI you can use our convenient ROI calculator.

Furthermore, your spa clients will likely sign up for a regular session every 4-6 weeks to get and maintain the best results.  They also will likely want to enjoy your other treatment offerings such as professional hydro dermabrasion.

How to Select the Best HIFU Machine for your Spa & Learn How to Use It

Rejuva Fresh offers the latest and most effective HIFU treatment machines for both face and body.  Curious to learn more?  Our product advisors are available to walk you through our catalog and offer you advice upon request.

Once you receive your HIFU treatment machine from Rejuva Fresh, you’ll have complete access for our Personalized Online Training, which is completely free our for clients.   Learning to use your HIFU machine can be both art and science and we definitely recommend taking advantage of our free training.  You can also request a prestigious certificate of completion (minimal cost may apply) so you can let your clients know you and/or your estheticians are expert operators of the equipment.

In Summary

HIFU lets you experience the ultimate beauty treatment  by using high intensity energy to lift and contour your facial features.  By introducing HIFU facial treatments or upgrading your existing offerings, you’ll help your clients rediscover younger-looking tighter skin while boosting business profitability.  Along the way Rejuva Fresh is always here to help.  Contact us anytime!