Which Tattoo Removal Laser is Best?

Which Tattoo Removal Laser is Best?

With thousands of reasons to permanently remove tattoos, and millions of people wanting to remove them, laser tattoo removal is in super high demand.  And whether you are the patient or the practitioner you may be wondering which tattoo removal laser is best?

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Lasers are considered the safest and most effective way to erase tattoos/body art, giving you the freedom to confidently move forward with a fresh start.

Laser tattoo removal technology involves using a precise and focused beam of light to break down ink particles in the skin, allowing the body to easily clear them away.

In fact the whole process is pretty cool, as it removes ink particles deep within the tissue, with out penetrating the skin!  Advanced lasers are designed to achieve the process with minimal discomfort, with results visible after just one session and full removal possible after multiple sessions.  There will be some normal peeling and flaking, but it is part of the natural skin recovery process.

The entire process is also  be more or less difficult depending on the type of tattoo (professional or amateur) and what colors of ink are involved.

What Types of Lasers Remove Tattoos?

Different wavelengths of laser light are more effective for certain colors than others.

Traditionally, there are three types of lasers in use for tattoo removal:

1.  Q-switched ruby laser (694 nm):  While Q-switched ruby lasers are commonly used to remove numerous tattoo pigments, including black, green and some shades of blue, ruby lasers are not as effective against blue dye. The procedure comes with risks including changes in pigmentation, scarring and textural alterations.

2.  Q-switched 532 nm Nd:YAG laser (532 nm, 1064 nm):  Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers offer precise and effective removal of bright pigments such as red, orange, and yellow with little to no textural changes. The 1064 nm variety is also highly effective for removing black and blue pigment. These lasers provide an effective and safe solution for laser pigment removal.

3.  Q-switched alexandrite laser (755 nm ):  The Q-switched alexandrite laser (755 nm) is designed to effectively remove black and blue pigment and is renowned for its ability to eradicate green pigment. However, 12% of patients may experience transient hypopigmentation after treatment.

Nd:Yag Tattoo Removal:

Based on the above info, Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers offer the most comfortable and effective procedure for tattoo removal among the traditional choices?

Therefore Nd:YAG is often considered the gold standard for tattoo removal, and for most tattoos, a high quality powerful Nd:YAG laser machine is arguably a great option.

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal:

Now there is a newer technique called  Pico Second laser technology.  Whereaes the traditional tattoo removal lasers use heat to shatter the pigment, the Pico second procedure works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy to targeted problem areas without the use of heat. The intense energy shatters the pigment or particles and is then eliminated by the body.

Picosecond lasers demonstrates especially superior disruption of the targeted brighter pigments.  According to some experts pico second laser technology is also capable of delivering up to 75% faster removal of tattoos than traditional Nd:YAG lasers, as well as being more comfortable

However, with pico second laser treatment, side effects may occur that include pain, redness, swelling, pinpoint bleeding, crusting, blistering, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation.

What is the Best Tattoo Removal Laser Machine?

In conclusion, both Nd:YAG laser as well as Picosecond laser are highly effective for tattoo removal.  If the color of the tattoo is very bright with yellow or green in it, Picosecond may be be more effective.  Nd:YAG, on the other hand, continues to be the gold standard overall for safety and comfort.

In addition to the type of tattoo removal laser, you’ll want to consider machine power,  other technical specifications, as well as physical style (portable versus vertical), FDA approval and warranties and training?

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