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Diamond Ice Portable Fat Freezing Machine with 6 Medical Grade Applicators

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This machine offers a safe and non-invasive solution for eliminating persistent pockets of fat from the body. Additionally, its portability makes it a great value.

Diamond Ice uses the latest 360-degree Surround Cooling Technology to reduce fat cells with minimal effort.   The method is superior to traditional double-sided cooling, as it increases fat reduction by up to 30%, while eliminating the risk of frost bite.

With 6 applicators made from medical grade silica, safe & fast body slimming is possible on any part of the body, from the waist to the thighs to the chin and more.

Why Choose Diamond Ice 360 Degrees Fat Freezing Technology?  

With bikini season upon us, removing unwanted pockets of fat is more urgent than ever, and therefore, offering the service of cryotherapy fat reduction can be a high ROI spa menu add-on. 


  • Advanced 360-degree Surround Cooling¬†technology is used to most efficiently and safely destroy & remove fat cells¬†on the targeted body areas.
  • Effective cooling technology with low¬†temperature -12¬įC and¬†up to -100Kpa negative pressure.
  • Highly reliable¬†operation¬†with self-protect program and stable temperature¬†control.
  • Quick, long¬†lasting results: ¬†1-2 procedures can result in obvious visible effects, which can last¬†for years to come.
  • Optional heating¬†mode: ¬†a 3-minute heating stage can be selectively performed prior to¬†cooling to accelerate local blood circulation.
  • Two¬†different applicators can be applied simultaneously for customized treatments.
  • One ‚Äėpress‚Äô and one ‚Äėinstall‚Äô probes are easy to replace, safe and simple.
  • The five-stage negative pressure (vacuum) intensity is controllable, improving the comfort experieced by¬†the patient.
  • Large 10.4¬†inch color¬†touch screen & user-friendly¬†software makes operation easy.
  • No downtime
  • The treatment is relatively comfortable and completely non-invasive; woundless.
  • Effective body contouring can be achieved for¬†most all skin and body types, whether the excess fat is caused by weight gain, aging or other causes.
  • Special applicator for reducing double chin and sculpting the jawline.
  • The¬†treatment head is made of soft medical silica gel, which is suitable for even sensitive skin.
  • Built-in temperature sensor ensures the safety of temperature control.
  • Multiple¬†language options on the display.
  • Professional style of the machine gives your clientele confidence in the treatment.

360 Degrees Surround Cooling - How it Works to Destroy Fat:

1. Treatment Head is Attached:

When the fat freezing probe is placed on the surface of the selected body part (such as the abdomen), the probe's built-in vacuum negative pressure technology captures the subcutaneous tissue of the targeted area.

2. Heating Phase:

Just prior to cooling, a 3 minutes heating phase is used to accelerate the local blood circulation.

3. Cooling Energy Treats the Fat Layer:

Fat cells are frozen to death as the probe cools down to the specified temperature and the freezing energy is precisely delivered to the targeted body part.  

At temperatures of -5¬įC to -12¬įC, ¬†fat cell apoptosis occurs , which is is a¬†natural form of cell death that eliminates fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

This freezing energy distribution throughout the process is  highly uniform and efficient, due to the unique design of the probe, which eliminates dead corners.

4. Damaged, Dead Fat Cells are Removed Naturally:

The fat cells that were frozen to death are then metabolized by macrophages and excreted from the body as waste.

The process takes several weeks, after which time, the total number of fat cells in the target area is reduced and the result is a slimmer leaner physique.

Usage Tips Q & A:

  • This machine is designed to¬†be operated by professionals.
  • Are there any consumables? ¬†Yes, always¬†use anti-freeze membranes to ensure there no¬†freezing of the skin.
  • How long¬†does¬†an average treatment session last? ¬†45¬†minutes - 1 hour.
  • How many fat freezing procedures¬†are required to see result? ¬†¬†Usually the first treatment is about 1 hour¬†in duration. The¬†second treatment is scheduled 30 to 45 days after the first¬†treatment. It takes about 1-2 months after the second treatment to get a general idea of the final results. ¬†Based on the final results, you can decide to do more treatments as desired.

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  • Machine Power: 1000W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Vacuum Suction: 1-5 gears (10-50Kpa)
  • Vacuum Pressure 0-100Kpa
  • Cooling Applicators: #3,#6 (standard); #1,#2,#4,#5 (optional)
  • Cooling Temperature: 1-5 gears (-12‚ĄÉ~1‚ĄÉ)
  • Heating Temperature: 1-4 gears (37‚ĄÉ~45‚ĄÉ)
  • Setting Time: 1-99min (default 60min)
  • Touch Screen: 10.4in
  • Machine Size: 57*35*42cm
  • Machine Weight: 16 kg
  • Package Size: 66*46*76cm
  • Package Weight: 44 kg


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  • Warranty period for main machine: 3 year from date of delivery
  • Warranty period for spare parts: 1 year from date of delivery
  • Support after the warranty period: Rejuva¬†Fresh¬†will continue to provide free technical advice and parts at cost.
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