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5 in 1 Facial Rejuvenation Device

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Now you can reveal tighter, smoother, younger looking skin from the comfort of home.  No invasive procedures required.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Facial Rejuvenation Device (main unit)
  • 1 x Charging Stand
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable¬†
  • 1 x User Instructions Manual¬†(includes English)

*If you are looking for this same device, but want it to come in an attractive retail box that is suitable for a gift as well, please see HERE. 

    5 in 1 Latest Technology:

    • Microcurrent
    • Electroevaporation
    • Mesotherapy
    • LED
    • Radio Frequency¬†
      5 Levels EMS Skincare device used on face of attractive young woman

      Product Highlights:

      • Enjoy the benefits of a professional facial lift without¬†surgery¬†
      • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles¬†
      • Improves facial contour
      • Promotes anti-aging skin renewal &¬†increases skin elasticity
      • Helps with removal of pimples & blemishes, while shrinking apparent pore size
      • Helps the skin to absorb the nutrients in your skin products
      • Easy to use, safe, pain free, and entirely non-invasive
      • Lightweight¬†& easily portable¬†
      • For best results, use daily for only about 10 minutes

      Trigger collagen production and anti aging with Rf facial device

      Red light, green light, blue light functions of anti aging, anti inflammatory and shrink pores Facial Rejuvenation Beauty Device

      Facial rejuvenation machine | Yellow light,pink flash functions for skin tightening and whitening

      Help Skin Care Products Go Deeper into Skin
      How To Use Steps:

      1. Gently cleanse your skin, then apply lotion/serum/conductive gel and turn on your device.  Please do not wear jewelry or metal during treatment.
      2. Massage each desired area of skin with the device for up to 10 minutes.
      3. Treatment time should not exceed 10 minutes on the same skin area.
      4. Since the maximum time for each treatment should be less than 10 minutes, an alarm goes off at 10-minute intervals.
      5. Clean the skin area and the device after each use.


      • In order to maximize treatment benefits, alwayd¬†use¬†your 5 in 1 Beauty Device together with your favorite skin care products (essence, facial cream, etc.) or a good Facial Conductive Gel.
      • It‚Äôs important to use your device consistently, several times per¬†week,¬†so you will enjoy the best visible results.
        Product Parameter Dimensions of 5 in 1 Facial Rejuvenation Device
        5 in 1 Facial Rejuvenation Device LED display, Close up of USB Charging Port, LED lights
        5 in 1 LED Facial Rejuvenation Beauty Device in Charging Stand, Instructions Manual , and USB Charging cord


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