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Rejuva Fresh

80K Cavi Lipo Laser Machine

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This 2022 new model provides comprehensive care for your body and face.  Benefits include fat loss, cellulite reduction, facial firming and revitalization.

 Slim Woman with Tape Measure, Befire and After Weight Loss, Before and After Facial Anti-Aging Treatments

 Vacuum RF Treatment, Probe Vacuums up the disrupted fat cells80k Cavitation Treatment, Probe is Applied to Skin, Body Shape Before and After


Radio Frequency Rejuvenation Therapy, Body and Facial RF Probes

Microcurrent Photon Therapy Treatment, Probe is Applied to Skin
Lipo Laser Light Therapy Removes Excess Fat


1 x Main Machine with 7 inch touch color screen

1 x 80kHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Probe

1 x Negative Pressure Vacuum RF Probe

1 x Multi-Polar RF Probe for Body

1 x Tri-Polar RF Probe for Eyes and Face

1 x  Microcurrent & Photon-therapy Probe

8 x Large Laser Paddles

4 x Small Laser Paddles

1 x Power Cord

1 x Instructions 

 Product real shot of 80k Lipo Laser Cavitation Machine

80k Cavitation Machine with Lipo Laser

Back View of 80k Lipo Cavitation Machine with Plugs for Cable Attachments for Various Probes