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Rejuva Fresh

Cavitation Machine with 4 Wands

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Perfect for use in your home or in a spa, this complete body slimming system can help you to more effectively burn fat, reshape your body parts, and tighten & rejuvenate your skin.

Made from premium quality materials, it features 4 probes, including 40k Cavitation, Radio Frequency for Body, Face and Eyes, as well as Vacuum Therapy.  It also includes an elegant base stand to facilitate easy & effective operation.  

4 in 1 Body Slimming Skin Tightening Machine with Four Probes, red light

Benefits of Using this Machine:

  • Reduces cellulite on the body by breaking up fat cells quickly and powerfully.
  • Tightens loose and sagging skin on face and neck, reducing double chin.
  • Firms the skin around the eye area and fade dark circles.
  • Reduces facial wrinkles, minimizes darks spots & discoloration, helping to reveal smoother, whiter skin.
  • Boosts metabolism and circulation in the body and enhances the skin’s luminosity.
  • Accelerates the decomposition of fat, helping you to achieve a slimmer figure.
  • Facilitates weight loss without potential of gaining the weight back.

40k Cavitation Machine Slimming effects on Waist Buttocks and Legs

Major Skin Concerns resolved by Body Slimming Skin Tightening Machine

  • Completely non-invasive treatment with no need of surgery
  • Obvious visible results can be achieved without the risk of gaining back weight
  • Does not cause side effects such as uneven skin, nor swelling
  • 4 functional beauty heads for treatment of different body parts (belly, waist, thigh, calf and buttocks)and your face and neck
  • Adjustable intensity settings to meet your specific needs
  • Overall it’s easy,safe and effective to use


1 x Main Machine

1 x Radio Frequency Wand for Body

1 x Radio Frequency Wand for Face

1 x 40K Explosion Fat Head

1 x Vacuum & Bipolar RF Wand

1 x Power Cord

1 x Base Stand

1 x Instructions Manual (includes English, please contact us if you require other languages) 

Black Base Stand is Included, Cavitation RF Vacuum Therapy Machine
Cavitation Machine sits on Black Base Stand
4 Cavitation Probes on Black Base Stand

Dimensions of Cavitation RF Vacuum Therapy Machine


Material:  High Quality ABS 

Input Voltage:  110V/220V

RF Frequency:   3 MHZ

Cavitation 40K:  150V 40KHZ 25W

Available Plug Types:  US/EU/AU/UK

Approx. Package Weight:  4.5 kg

Approx. Package Size: 43 * 21 * 38cm