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Rejuva Fresh

Conductive Gel Bundle 5 Pieces

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This value beauty bundle is designed to help you to achieve the best treatment results when used with your Cavitation Machines, RF, EMS  or Microcurrent Treatment Devices.  (While not the primary purpose, these gels may also be used by themselves.)

Included are 5 high quality Conductive Gels.  Each Tube is 300g size. 

  • Please select from available options for body and facial gel.
  • If you prefer to purchase a tube of conductive gel individually please click HERE to select.
  • Shelf life is approximately two years.

     Three Tubes of Body Slimming Conductive Gel and Two Tubes of Facial Conductive Gel, Towels stackedp

    Dimensions of Spotless Upgrade Conductive Gel for Body, Beautiful Slim Woman’s Body
    Dimensions of Royal Conductive Gel for Face, Young Beautiful Woman Touches Her Face