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Cool Beauty Cryotherapy Machine Professional 5 in 1

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Cool Beauty is a revolutionary body slimming machine, which uses abrupt thermal shock to freeze fat cells, causing them to self-destruct without damaging the surrounding skin.  

This body slimming treatment is highly effective for eliminating stubborn fat budges that are resistant to diet and exercise.  A single treatment with Cool Beauty can reduce the fat tissue by 20-30%.

Treatment is comfortable for most people, and they can read, play with mobile phones, listen to music, etc. during the procedure.


  • Achieves permanent body fat reduction in less than 60 minutes. ¬†
  • High power advanced¬†freezing technology enables rapid cooling; refrigeration can reach minus 11 degrees Celsius, which is lower than other cryotherapy machines on the market.
  • Latest handle design features innovative 360¬†degrees surrounding cooling to¬†achieve optimal¬†results.
  • Non-surgical fat freezing procedure, involving no pain, no scars, no injections, no downtime.
  • Handle is made of¬†food grade material¬†and will not cause any frostbite allergies or other adverse phenomena.¬†
  • Different¬†sizes of handle to treat different body parts, including handle to reduce double chin.
  • Handles can work simultaneously for more efficient treatment; save time and cost.
  • Safety system equipped with real time intelligent temperature control protects the machine from overheating.
  • Vacuum pressure control is automatically adjusted, so¬†the working noise is extremely low.
  • Fast, long lasting treatment results; fat cells are destroyed and permanently removed from the body.
  • Works on all skin and body types, including sagging skin and aging skin.

How Cool Beauty Works to Permanently Remove Fat:

The machine’s advanced fat freezing procedure targets and precisely cools fat cells, triggering natural fat cell apoptosis.  Following the fat freezing treatment, fat cells enter an apoptotic death sequence and are gradually removed from the body over the next few weeks via the lymphatic system.

In this way, the Cool Beauty treatment actually permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas of the body by approximately 20% to 25%. 

Weight Loss from Diet and Exercise Versus Cryolipolysis, Reduction of Fat Cells in the Body

New 100% Effective Cooling Process:

Cool Beauty uses the latest 360 degrees surround cooling. Cooling takes place in the entire applicator.  In contrast, older technology used by other machines on the market provides only about 40% effective cooling.

Newest 360 Degrees Surround Cooling versus older technology

Easy To Operate Equipment:

The software of this machine is very intelligent.  Treatment parameters are set automatically according to the thickness of the fat.

Advanced Safety Features:

  • The functions of the main unit and the handle are locked and opened synchronously, allowing the user to operate the handle. After unlocking, the function can be turned on and off in time to ensure the safety of the user.
  • The host and handle interfaces display the¬†real-time working temperature, so you can easily monitor the¬†machine temperature and make adjustments.
  • The negative pressure switch is a normally open solenoid valve. Once the machine is powered off during work, the machine can release the pressure immediately without causing harm to the human body.

Recommended Treatment Plan:

Cool Beauty not a stand-alone weight loss procedure.  Rather it works cooperatively with your dietary & fitness regime.

Usually you will experience a noticeable reduction in fat on the treated area after the first procedure.  Depending on amount of fat, you will need additional treatments to reach your desired body shape.

  • Treatment procedure time: ¬†30-60 minutes per application
  • Side effects: ¬†Very minimal redness, numbness (for up to 7 days)
  • Full recovery: ¬†Immediate
  • Downtime: ¬†None
  • Number of treatments: ¬†1-3
  • Duration of results: Long term, permanent

    Applicable Treatment Areas:

    • Fat under the buttocks (banana roll)
    • Flanks (love handles)
    • Thighs
    • Abdomen
    • Bra¬†fat
    • Back fat
    • Extra stubborn difficult areas can also be treated! ¬†(For example¬†Arms)
    • You can select and use the handles according to¬†the treatment area


    • Treatment Method: ¬†Cryolipolysis Fat-Freezing
    • Temperature Range: ¬†- 11‚ĄÉ~5‚ĄÉ (adjustable)
    • Cooling System: ¬†Water Cooling + Air Cooling
    • Pressure Range: ¬†15~55Kpa
    • Suction Modes: ¬†continual mode, suction &¬†release mode
    • Main Display Screen: ¬†12.1¬†inch Resistive Touch Screen
    • Handle¬†Display Screen: ¬†5 inch Touch Screen
    • Voltage & Plug¬†Type: ¬†according to region
    • Machine¬†Weight: ¬†60kg


    Main Machine

    Treatment handles ICE 1.0, ICE 3.0F, ICE 3.0, ICE 6.0

    Three year warranty 


    Free Training & Certification





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