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3 Handle Cooling Vacuum Fat Freezing Machine

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This professional grade cryotherapy machine is ideal for spas and salons who want to offer the latest innovative and most effective weight loss and body contouring treatments.  

A one hour treatment offers quick and obvious fat reduction effects, without pain or downtime, and without the possibility of gaining the weight back.

The elegant vertical style and color touch screen make it convenient to move around and operate.Vertical Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Machine with three handles, cooling vacuum


☑️  Three handles work together or separately for faster, easier results

☑️  Two operation options - touch screen or from the handle itself - allow for maximum control by therapist

☑️  Training videos available 

☑️  Two year warranty included

 Three handles of Fat Freezing Machine can work together in one person or separately on three people

Machine Advantages:

  • The 3 handles work togegther or separately
  • 2 control options - Color touch screen or control on the handle
  • Two language options on the display - English & Spanish, or you can request free customization 
  • Advanced fat freezing technology is used to selectively target stubborn unwanted fat pockets
  • More effective cooling technology compared to other machines on the market:  Low temperature can reach to -10°C to 15°C, up to 80 Kpa, time to 60 mins
  • Highly reliable operation with self-protect program and stable temperature control
  • Quick, long lasting treatment results: 1-2 course of operation can result in obvious visible effects, with the effect lasting for years to come
  • More advanced than lipo-suction, with no side effects,woundless
  • Suitable for most skin and body types, including sagging skin and aging skin
  • Shorter period of operation and less operation steps

Treatment Areas:

  • Fat under the buttocks(banana roll)
  • Flanks (also known as love handles)
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • You can select the handles according to the treatment area

Before and After Cryotherapy Treatment, Stomach and Legs Treatment Principles of Cryotherapy Fat Freezing

Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Machine Handle

Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Machine Handle With Vacuum

Usage Tips:

  • This machine should only be operated by professionals
  • Always use anti-freeze to avoid freezing of the skin
  • Voltage 110V/220V, 50-60Hz 
  • Power consumption:  500W
  • Freezing temperature:  15℃ ~ -10℃
  • Cooling device output:  0-5Kpa
  • Cooling liquid:  pure water
  • Default working time:  0-60min