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Rejuva Fresh

Elite Smooth Pro Diode Laser with 4 Wavelengths

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Free Personalized Training Included


Elevate your spa services with our 4 wavelength technology.  Your clients will enjoy a superior hair removal experience with ultra comfortable treatments, shorter sessions, and lasting results - soft, silky smooth skin! 

☑️  Lightning fast & effective results for all skin and hair types

☑️  FDA cleared, CE & TGA certified

☑️  3 year warranty  

☑️  Free training with certification

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Featuring 4 expertly blended wavelengths (705nm, 808nm, 940nm, 1064nm). Our state-of-the-art technology delivers unmatched absorption, penetration, and coverage for the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available.

Effectively treat all skin and hair types for satisfied customers and a profitable return on investment.


  • Made in USA coherent laser bar
  • 100 million shots handle warranty crystal and laser are packaged in one, with low energy loss and long life
  • High machine power (3000W) with powerful emitters 
  • Multiple wavelengths ensure flawless results for light or dark hair removal on any skin type
  • Ultra high frequency handle 20Hz (twice as fast as other brands machines)
  • Precision Facial Tip handle attachment enables effective results on even the hard to reach areas, such as around the nostrils or ears
  • Powerful cooling system with intelligent temperature monitoring 
  • High definition touchscreen on the handle allows you to adjust parameters directly on the handle
  • Intelligent easy-to-use operating system, with operator needing only to select the part and skin color to be treated 
  • Various powers and spot sizes are also available to meet the needs of different customers 
  • FDA approved, CE certified, TGA approved
  • Overall very safe & comfortable treatment  

Multiple Laser Wavelengths

1.  Alexandrite Laser, 755nm - with large laser spot size and powerful energy absorption, this laser wavelength is ideal for faster treatments on larger surface areas of the body, such as the back.  Applicable to a wide range of hair colors and types, it is especially suited to light colored and thin hair and the bulge of the hair follicle.

2.  Diode Laser,  808nm - offering high average power and deep penetration into the hair follicle, this wavelength is the gold standard in laser hair removal and considered safe, effective, and comfortable for all skin and hair types.  Works best on darker coarse hair.

3.  Oxyhemoglobin Laser, 940nm - with low melanin absorption, this wavelength is suitable for dark photo types.  Moderate penetration make it suitable for all hair types. 

4.  Nd:YAG Laser, 1064nm - the large wavelength makes it effective for treatment of larger areas of the body, such as the back.  This wavelength is also the most suitable for hair removal on individuals with dark skin tones.   

Real Time Intelligent Monitoring 

The sophisticated operating system simplifies machine usage. The operator simply selects the body part and skin color, and the system automatically generates recommended treatment parameters. Even a novice operator can easily understand the process.

The system boasts 20 advanced detection features, such as water flow, temperature, and connection monitoring, as well as cooling sheet functionality. These capabilities ensure precise and efficient operation.

The handle is safeguarded by a sophisticated two-stage water filtration system. The first stage employs PP cotton to eliminate impurities and avoid blockages, while the second stage uses an Ion filter to remove metal ions, protecting against internal laser corrosion and extending the longevity of the system.

Sophisticated Temperature Monitoring System 

A temperature sensor is situated in the handle, providing live monitoring of surface temperature displayed on the handle screen.

With its superior light and cold conductivity, Sapphire guarantees both the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment.

This laser features dual semiconductor cooling plates, utilizing a high-powered 108w cooling system to achieve a surface temperature of -30 °C on the targeted area.

Intelligent Temperature Sensor with Sapphire Cooling, Handle of Laser Diode Hair Removal Machine


This spa machine includes a personal training session with an expert instructor. We also offer complimentary certification (certificate that you can hang on the wall).

Contact us after you receive your delivery to schedule your training session by Zoom or FaceTime.

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  • Machine power: 3000W
  • Handle power: 1600W is standard, 1200W and 2000W are optional
  • Voltage: 110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Screen: 12.1 inch
  • Handle screen: 1.54 inch
  • Energy density: 1-120J/CM²
  • Spot size: 12*12mm (for standard 600W handle); 12*20mm (for standard 1200W handle); 12*24mm (for optional 1600W handle); 12*28mm (for optional 2000W handle)
  • Frequency: 1-20Hz
  • Wavelength: 755nm; 808nm; 940nm; 1064nm
  • Cooling system: TEC cooling system
  • Machine size: 50*50*115cm
  • Machine weight: 56 kg
  • Package size: 55*55*130cm
  • Package weight: 65 kg


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Rejuva Fresh is committed to providing the best quality spa equipment. Whether it’s for your business or for yourself, you need your machines to perform effectively and reliably for years to come.

  • Warranty period for main machine: 3 year from date of delivery
  • Warranty period for spare parts: 1 year from date of delivery
  • Support after the warranty period: Rejuva Fresh will continue to provide free technical advice and parts at cost.
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