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EMSZERO Neo Body Contouring Machine

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This 2022 high intensity focused EM sculpting machine features 13 Tesla magnetic high energy, making it a fantastic choice for beauty salons and gyms who wish to offer the most up to date & effective body contouring experience for clients.

To order optional pelvic floor training/magnetic butt sculpture cushion for EMSZERO click HERE.

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Four handle EMSZero Body Sculpting Machine provides 25% muscle building and 30% fat reduction

Advantages for Clinics & Spas:

  • Offer clients treatment based on the latest cutting edge body sculpting technology
  • 30 minutes treatment session is equivalent to about¬†20,000 muscle exercises
  • Non-invasive treatment, with no side effects, painless
  • Recommended treatment cost $800 per visit¬†
  • Machine has high¬†power 5000W and fast frequency up to¬†200Hz
  • Maximum 13¬†Tesla high intensity magnetic wave¬†technology (normal¬†magnetic¬†wave instruments are only 2-3 Tesla)¬†
  • Combines EMT, RF & EMS for enhanced muscle building and fat burning
  • 4¬†treatment handles make it possible to do faster, more effective treatment for a single customer, or even¬†treat multiple¬†customers at the same time
  • Easy to operate -¬†¬†just select¬†the treatment area handle and relevant parameter and start
  • Zero consumables
  • 1¬†year warranty plus customer support¬†7 days a week

 About the technology:

  • This latest super-intense magnetic wave technology stimulates approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per 30 minute treatment session. ¬†Such supra-maximal contractions not achievable by normal exercise.
  • This extreme training results in¬†deep muscle remodeling, the growth of myofibrils, muscle¬†hyperplasia the production of new collagen chains, thereby increasing muscle density and volume.
  • Supra-maximal muscle contractions cause a large amount of fat¬†decomposition. Fatty acids are broken down from¬†triglycerides, which accumulate large numbers of accidental cells.¬† High concentration¬†causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis and better excretion from the body through normal metabolism within a few weeks. Thus treatment reduces fat while strengthening and increasing muscle.
  • Continuous freezing technology ensures¬†the treatment head does ¬†not over heat, making the high magnetic output very stable. ¬† Unparalleled Results Body Equipment!

Clinic operation of EMSzero Body Sculpting Machine, Two patients lying down for treatment


Handles of EMzero Machine provide treatment on different body parts


Material:  ABS

Machine power:  5000W

RF power:  800W

Input voltage:  110V/ 220V

Maximum magnetic energy:  13 Tesla

Frequency:  5-150Hz

Net weight:  55kg

Package dimensions:  65 x 58 x 114cm

Transport Package:  Air Box

Download Instructions Manual PDF