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Mini EMSlim Body Sculpting Machine

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The Mini EMSlim provides a non-invasive treatment to remove fat from the body and strengthen muscles.   And, it’s perfectly portable so you can enjoy the treatment anywhere!

Enjoy Visible Benefits:

  • Reduce fat on the body
  • Increase the amount of muscle fibers and cells
  • Improve muscle isolation, tone and strength¬†

The results of using EMSlim can be quite dramatic and satisfying, similar to doing several months worth  of gym workouts.  Many users will see visible results within 2-4 weeks and continued improvements moving forward.  

No Heat, No Freezing, No Pain, No Surface Damage, No Down Time

So How Does EMSlim Work?

Using your Mini EMSlim will collapse and destroy fat cells while at the same time building muscle fibers, allowing you to enjoy a well defined abdominal area, an improved contour on other areas of the body as well.

An electromagnetic field passes through the skin and fat tissues and stimulates the various layers of muscle, causing them to contract.  The range of frequencies used is such that the muscles are not allowed to relax in between contractions and are forced to remain in a contracted state for several seconds.  Thus the muscles are strengthened and trained without any stress on the joints.  



Magnetic Vibration Intensity: 7 Tesla (8%-100%)

Output Frequency: 150Hz

Output Voltage: AC110V-230V

Output Power: 1500W

Fuse: 10A

Touchscreen display: 7 inch

Shipping Case Size: 45x35x30cm

Gross Weight: about 11kg

Download Instructions PDF

Dimensions of Mini EMSlim Body Contouring Machind


  • You can use this machine by itself, or can also¬†couple it¬†other treatments such as ultrasonic cavitation,¬†to even more effectively¬†shape and contour your targeted treatment areas.
  • Proper diet and regular exercise are recommended to maintain the treatment effects.


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