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Rejuva Fresh

Personal EMS Sculpting Machine

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This user-friendly portable body sculpting machine, with high energy and large capacitor power, helps both men and women enjoy the benefits of HIEM technology from the comfort of home.  

This sculpting treatment builds muscle and burns fat, without the need for any additional exercise nor dieting.  The machine can also be used by spa therapists who wish to increase their line of therapeutic wellness offerings.

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EMS Slim Desktop EMSculpting Machine, White and blue color, with two treatment handles

How does it work?

The machine uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to continuously expand and contract the muscles, thereby training the muscles and increasing muscle density and volume.

This extreme muscle workout also triggers the breakdown of a large amount of fat and the speeding up of metabolism.

Thus, the treatment effects the increase of muscle density and loss of fat at the same time.

Abdominal firming, buttocks lift, vest line, White and blue portable EMSculpting Machine with two handles


  • Build muscle and burn fat at the same time
  • Completely non-invasive, safe, ¬†with no downtime¬†
  • Suitable for men or women, and for all body types
  • Each treatment session takes only 30 minutes, lying down
  • You‚Äôll see results right away, and after about 4 weeks these results will be visibly¬†enhanced¬†
  • The¬†2¬†treatment handles can be used simultaneously to efficiently sculpt¬†more than one body part at the same time.

Easy to Use 7 inch Touch Screen:

seven inches touch screen, Portable EMSculpting Machine with two Handles


  • Style: ¬†Desktop Professional¬†
  • Application: ¬†Home Use or Professional Use
  • Material: ¬†ABS & Stainless Steel
  • Cooling System: ¬†Air & Water
  • Input Voltage: ¬†110 V/ 220 V
  • Maximum Output Power: ¬†2800 W
  • Frequency: ¬†5-100 Hz
  • Shape of stimulation pulse: ¬†highly focused electromagnetic energy
  • Output Intensity: ¬†0-7 Telsa¬†
  • Package Weight: ¬†26 KG
  • Package Dimensions: ¬†63cm¬†x 56cm¬†x 30cm