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Personal EMSZERO Neo Sculpting Machine

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This newest portable high intensity body sculpting machine is ideal for those wanting to enhance the results of gym training or other physical workout routines, and reveal a more sculpted, toned physique.

The focus is on delivering a combination of muscle building, weight loss and body shaping benefits in a highly effective, time saving manner.

To order the optional butt sculpture cushion for EMSZERO click HERE

Machine Advantages:

  • For personal users - Treat yourself to the latest cutting edge body sculpting technology
  • For trainers and spa estheticians - Offer your clients the high intensity electromagnetic treatments they are seeking, with average treatment¬†cost averaging $800+ per visit
  • 30 minutes treatment session is equivalent to thousands of muscle exercises
  • Non-invasive treatment, with no side effects, painless¬†
  • Portable but has high¬†power 2000W
  • High voltage pulse plus¬†radio¬†frequency (RF) result in¬†¬†enhanced muscle building and fat burning
  • With 2¬†treatment handles, you can enjoy¬†faster, more effective treatment for yourself or for your clients
  • Machine is easy to operate - just select the treatment area, strap the handle to the body, select relevant parameters, and press start
  • Zero consumables
  • 1 year warranty plus customer support 7 days a week

EMSZero Machine, Muscle Pacemaker, Sculpted Abdominals

 About the technology:

  • The intense energy¬†stimulates rapid involuntary¬†muscle contractions.
  • This extreme training results in¬†deep muscle remodeling, the growth of myofibrils, muscle¬†hyperplasia the production of new collagen chains, thereby increasing muscle density and volume.
  • The rapid¬†muscle contractions also cause a large amount of fat¬†decomposition, so the treatment reduces fat while strengthening and increasing muscle.
  • Continuous freezing technology ensures¬†the treatment head does ¬†not over heat, making the high output very stable. ¬†


Material:  ABS

Maximum power output:  2000 W

Input voltage:  110 V/ 220 V (voltage selected according to plug type selected)

Net weight:  ~40 kg

Package dimensions:  53 x 58 x 64 cm





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