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Portable EMSZERO Neo Body Contouring Machine

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HIEMT Technology for Muscle Building + Fat Burning, and it’s Portable!

Just like our original full size EMSZERO Neo, our portable machine also features Extreme Muscle Contraction 2022 Technology. 12 Tesla magnetic energy exceeds the that of most all EMS body sculpting machines on the market.

Includes 4 working handles - 2 Flat and 2 Curved.  

To order optional magnetic butt sculpture cushion for EMSZERO click HERE.

Whether it’s for your esthetic spa, gym or for yourself, this machine is a fantastic investment.  

HIEMT plus EMS, Sexy woman with Muscular Abdominal, portable EMSZERO body sculpting machine

Machine Advantages:

  • 30 minutes treatment session is equivalent to¬†20,000 muscle exercises
  • Enjoy immediate results, and see these results improve after 2-4 weeks time
  • Non-invasive treatment, with no side effects, painless
  • 12 Tesla high energy latest¬†HI-EMT technology (normal¬†magnetic¬†wave instruments are only 2-3 Tesla)
  • Portable & convenient, and¬†it has high¬†power, with potential results similar to¬†our larger full size EMSZERO¬†machine
  • 4¬†treatment handles make it possible to treat¬†2 customers at the same time or faster treatment for a single customers
  • Very easy¬†to operate! -¬†¬†just select¬†the treatment area handle and relevant parameter and start
  • 1¬†years warranty plus customer support¬†7 days a week

 Before and after using EMSzero Body Slimming Machine


About the Technology:

  • Latest¬†high intensity electro magnetic therapy (HI-EMT) is a¬†non invasive fast and effective way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.
  • The¬†technology stimulates approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per 30 minute treatment session. ¬†Such supra-maximal contractions not achievable by normal exercise.
  • This extreme training results in¬†deep muscle remodeling, the growth of myofibrils, muscle¬†hyperplasia the production of new collagen chains, thereby increasing muscle density and volume.
  • Supra-maximal muscle contractions cause a large amount of fat¬†decomposition. Fatty acids are broken down from¬†triglycerides, which accumulate large numbers of accidental cells.¬† High concentration¬†causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis and better excretion from the body through normal metabolism within a few weeks. Thus treatment reduces fat while strengthening and increasing muscle.
  • Continuous advanced¬†cooling¬†technology ensures¬†the treatment head ddoes not over heat, making the high magnetic output very stable.
  • Most magnetic¬†wave instruments on the market are only 2-3 Tesla, while our¬†HI-EMT machines are increased to 7-13 Tesla, offering you unparalleled results!

Handles of EMSZero Body Slimming machine

Different Handle Features of EMSZero Body Sculpting Machine

Material:  ABS

Maximum power output:  2000W

Frequency:  1-100HZ

Input Voltage:  110 V/ 220 V

Maximum Magnetic Energy:  12 Tesla

Net weight:  55kg

Dimensions:  42 x 45 x 94cm