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Rejuva Fresh

Luxury Portable Laser Hair Removal Machine

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Now you can offer all of your clients fast & effective hair removal, year round, regardless of skin or hair color. 

Treatment with this machine is comfortable and feels like a light massage.  Enjoy fast results on all areas of the body, including  face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs and etc.   Added benefit is the skin rejuvenation feature!

Diode Laser Machine for Permanent Hair Removal, Slim Beautiful Woman’s Body in White Bikini Set

Features & Advantages 

  • High¬†power machine and handle,¬†for faster, more effective hair removal. ¬†Our machine is 2000W, while others¬†other portable machines on the market are only 300 - 1000W

  • 3 wavelengths. ¬†Works on light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair. ¬†755nm for white skin, 1064nm for black or dark skin, ¬†808nm for other type skin colors¬†

  • Stable and reliable technology. ¬†Upgraded macro¬†channel cooler ensures bars are never burnt. ¬†Machine can work 24 hours without stop

  • 20 millions shots life ensures¬†longtime usage

  • Easy to use, with large 10.4 in touch screen

  • Interface with 8 Language Options

  • Built in Water Tank

For All Skin Types Laser Diode Hair Removal , Different Wavelengths, Different Women

 Diode Laser Machine Removes Hair Follicle in the skin

Top  refrigeration system of Laser Diode Hair Removal Machine


Power:  2000 W

Energy Density:  1~120j/cm2

Adjustable Light Outlet:  10mm*10mm/ 15mm*15mm,20mm*20mm

Voltage:  110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

Repetition Frequency:  1-10Hz

Language Selection:  English, Spanish, Russian, German Portuguese Arabic, French, Chinese

Skin Cooling Temperature: ¬†-10‚ĄÉ ~ 10‚ĄÉ (by cooled Sapphire)

Download Instructions PDF HERE