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Professional PERFECT SHAPE NEO Body Sculpting Machine 5 in 1

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With strong magnetic wave energy, fast vibration frequency, and smoothly controlled RF heating, this superior high intensity sculpting machine is designed to help you achieve the perfect body shape, without all the sweat.  It’s a real game-changer & time saver…you and your spa clients will love their new sculpted look!

  • Strong power 7500W
  • Adjustable treatment according to fat thickness¬†
  • 39% higher magnetic energy*
  • 25% higher max frequency*
  • 90% higher RF energy*
  • 50% less¬†noise*
  • Pelvic cushion is included

*Compared to strongest vertical EMS machines offered in Alibaba and similar platforms

This stylish powerhouse machine is very easy to operate, with pre-defined and customizable programs available. We recommend using auto-mode when you are first getting used to the equipment, and later further optimizing with tailored frequency selection.

Ideal for the following situations:

  • Athletes & fitness¬†enthusiasts¬†who want to want to supplement their workouts.
  • Salons & spas wishing to introduce the latest HIEMT body treatments without breaking the bank.
  • Gyms & health clubs looking to add new wellness perks for members.
  • Models & public figures¬†who need to keep their figure in exquisite form.
  • Anyone¬†who recently lost weight and needs to firm & tone flabby areas.
  • Men & women with BMI less than 35 who want to get more sculpted.

Note:  PERFECT SHAPE NEO is designed to give you the best possible results, thanks to its high energy system that penetrates up to 7 cm deep into the tissue.  For people with higher BMI or more fat, no worries because we can advise other fat reduction treatments to start with.

Body shape, REFECT SHAPE MACHINE woman

How will PERFECT SHAPE  benefit your aesthetic business?

  • Say good-bye flabby abs and hello to fantastic shape, because this machine¬†gives you the latest in electromagbody sculpting technology.
  • RF heating¬†is separately adjustable, up to an optimal 44 degrees C.
  • A¬† synchronized blend of¬†high intensity electromagnetic muscle training +¬†radio frequency delivers¬†serious fat-burning and toning.
  • The 4 body handles (2 flat +¬†2¬†curved) handles can be operated simultaneously, allowing for faster and more comprehensive results on single clients.
  • You can also treat multiple customers at the same time to¬†earn more profit for your spa.
  • Recommended cost for PERFECT SHAPE neo treatment $400 - $1000 USD per 30¬†minute session (consultation + treatment)
  • Easy operation with no¬†guesswork - just select the treatment area, handle, and parameters and it'll do all the work for you.
  • High power 7500W, and fast frequency up to¬†150Hz.
  • Non-invasive, no side effects, no downtime.
  • No gel or creams required - zero¬†consumable.
  • 3 year warranty, plus customer support¬†7 days a week.

How Does HIEMT Technology Work to Build Muscle and Burn Fat?

  • High intensity magnetic wave energy stimulates and trains muscle tissues beyond what would be possible during normal exercise.
  • The 30-minute sessions involve thousands of supra-maximal contractions, leading to muscle remodeling, increased muscle density and volume, and growth of new muscle and collagen tissue.
  • Simultaneously radio frequency heat melts fat.
  • Advanced cooling¬†technology ensures¬†the treatment head does ¬†not over heat, making the machines‚Äôs high magnetic output very stable.


1 x Main Machine 

2 x Flat Handle 

2 x Curved Handle

4 x Belt Straps

1 x Pelvic Floor Cushion

1 x Power Cord

Download Instructions Manual PDFÔĽŅ


This spa machine includes a personal training session with an expert instructor. We also offer complimentary certification (certificate that you can hang on the wall).

Contact us after you receive your delivery to schedule your training session by Zoom or FaceTime.

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  • Machine Power: 7500W
  • Voltage: 100V/110V/220V
  • Frequency: 5-150Hz
  • Machine Size: 55*60*94cm
  • Machine Weight: 55 kg
  • Package Size: 70*68*125cm
  • Package Weight: 65 kg


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Rejuva Fresh is committed to providing the best quality spa equipment. Whether it’s for your business or for yourself, you need your machines to perform effectively and reliably for years to come.

  • Warranty period for main machine: 3 year from date of delivery
  • Warranty period for spare parts: 1 year from date of delivery
  • Support after the warranty period: Rejuva¬†Fresh¬†will continue to provide free technical advice and parts at cost.
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We fully support logo customization. We can add your brand logo to the case and/or the boot screen of your machines. MOQ may apply.

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