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EMShape Neo Body Contouring Machine Professional

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EMShape is our newest professional high intensity EMS sculpting machine.  With this machine you can offer your clients an unprecedented body contouring experience, including customized weight loss/muscle building plans and measurable visible effects within the first month.  

‚úÖ Advanced Android system

✅ Intelligent information processing

‚úÖ Superior user experience and results

‚úÖ Happy clientele and more revenue for your spa or clinic

White color REJUVASCULPT EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine with pelvic floor cushion and 4 handles

EMShape combines the powerful therapies of high intensity electromagnetic training (HIEMT) and Radio Frequency (RF) in a single procedure, to effectively build muscle and reduce fat on the targeted body areas.


  • High¬†Tesla magnetic energy and advanced synchronization of RF at optimal levels,¬†means greater¬†fat reduction and more muscle growth in less time than with other body sculpting¬†machines on the market. ¬†
  • Exclusive Intelligent¬†13.3 inch Android¬†Operating¬†System features¬†online training, body analysis, and customer management storage, making treatment very¬†efficient and giving customers¬†increased confidence.
  • Body Composition Analyzer connected with machine by bluetooth can record and analyze all data of before and after treatment, including¬†weight, muscle, BMI index, obesity levels etc.
  • Seven¬†treatment modes to meet the needs of different customers and body parts
  • Supports up to 4 handles working at the same time, with separate intensity controls¬†for flat body areas, limbs and pelvic floor training
  • New handle upgrade features include more humanized design, advanced efficiency and super cooling. ¬†Handle life is extended to more than 6000 hours
  • EMShape‚Äôs¬†handle coil has a large area and good heat dissipation, relative to other brands
  • Advanced¬†air cooling technology ensures that the machine can work continuously for more than 10 hours at a time¬†
  • Easy to use machine. ¬†Simply affix the paddles to the body, select parameters and press start. ¬†Operation runs independently.¬†

How EMShape Treatment Works:

High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy sets in motion¬†supra-maximal muscle contractions, beyond what is possible through voluntary effort. ¬†Simultaneous synchronized delivery of radio frequency to the targeted areas significantly¬†improves the effect of this ‚Äúsuper muscle exercise‚ÄĚ and fat apoptosis.

The signal of this machine can penetrate up to 7cm of subcutaneous muscle layer, treating deep muscles that can't be reached during voluntary exercise, covering the whole neural network and driving the contraction of the whole muscle layer.

Body Fat Scale:

How can your clients know the treatment is actuworking?  Through use of our body fat scale, you can know the key parameters before and after each treatment, and your client can see the progress at a glance. You can also customize a weight loss plan for each customer according to the customer's BMI. This all results in a more professional operation and a happier clientele, who can see a difference and be more satisfied with each treatment.

The information from the body fat scale is saved in the customer’s profile automatically.  

Exclusive Intelligent Operating System: 

There is an automatic mode and six additional treatment modes to meet the needs of different customers and different parts of the body.  For more experienced operators, a tailored program is easy to set up by adjusting  energy, frequency and time.

Abdominal Treatment Application: 

EMShape is ideal for toning and sculpting your clients’ abdominal area.  The treatment can help improve and pronounce any muscle definition that you are already seeing from your fitness routine. lt is also helpful for getting rid of that stubborn layer of fat on your stomach that just won’t go away, no matter what diet program you try.

Observation of abdominal treatment with this machine shows average muscle thickness increase of 16%, abd average fat reduction of 19%.

Pelvic Floor Training:

The pelvic floor training cushion uses high intensity electromagnetic waves to stabilize and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.  The method is the same as on other body areas - waves cause deep and intense muscle contractions resulting in a supramaximal exercise experience.

Butt Lifting:

EMShape is able to sculpt your buttocks in the same way as well, using supramaximal muscle contractions.  Unlike a Brazilian butt lift, the experience is painless and provides a defined shape instead of adding excess fat.

Observation of buttocks training with this machine shows the average improvement of rectus abdominis was 11%.

Q & A:

What technologies does this machine use?

High intensity focused electro-magnetic technology + radio Frequency 

What can it do?

Build and tone muscles, reduce fat, tighten skin

What body tissues does it effect?

Muscle, fat, and skin

How long is each treatment?

30 minutes

How often should sessions be done?

Twice per week, depending on the client

How many treatments are needed for abs, buttocks and pelvic floor to see significant or noticeable results?

Changes can be measured through the body fat scale before and after each treatment.  For significant changes visible to the naked eye, one or two months of treatment is required, however some customers will show more obvious results than others.

Is the treatment contactless or not?

The treatment head needs to be in contact with the skin 

What temerature can the body reach when using RF? Can it burn somebody? 

No burns, the highest temperature is about 41-45 degrees. This is also the most suitable and effective temperature for treatment.

So how to prove it works?

We include the body fat scales.

Are there any consumables?

We recommend to use the medical version of the disposable protective film, used to isolate the handle from the skin.  It is clean and hygienic and will not hurt the skin.

What is the recovery time?

No recovery down time 

How painful is the treatment?

No pain involved 

What is the BMI requirement?

The treatment is very effective if BMI is under 38

Can the design be customized to include the logo of my spa?

Yes, no problem 


  • Machine Power: ¬†5500 W
  • Plug Type: ¬†according to shipping add
  • Magnetic Vibration Intensity: ¬†up to 16 Tesla
  • Frequency: ¬†10-90 Hz
  • Pulse Width: ¬†~310us+/- 10%
  • Input Voltage: ¬†110 V/ 220 V +/- 10%, 10A
  • Screen: ¬†13.3 inch tough screen
  • Cooling System: ¬†Air¬†cooled advanced refrigeration system;¬†machine can work all day
  • Transport Package: ¬†Air Box
  • Delivery date: within 5-15 working day

Handles for emslim body sculpting machine

  • Main Machine¬†
  • Body Fat Scales
  • 2¬†Flat Handle
  • 2 Curved¬†Handles
  • Pelvic Floor Training Cushion
  • Training¬†- Machine maintaince manual
  • Certification -¬†Training Certificate provided for¬†you to hang on the wall to show qualification of operation in this machine (if requested)
  • 2¬†year warranty plus ongoing maintenance support
  • After-Service engineering support contact: 7*24 hours online


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