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Smart Android Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

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  • Smart Android¬†System with perfect operation interface
  • 3 wavelengths (808nm + 755nm + 1064nm)¬†cover the optimal treatment spectrum
  • Favorable results¬†for all skin types and hair colors
  • 4 different spot sizes (can be replaced on the same handle:15*15mm,15*20mm,15*30mm,15*40mm)
  • Skin analyzer(your customers can see the differences before and after treatment)¬†
  • Effectively¬†painless
  • Smart Clinic¬†uses intelligent information processing and storage to provide a complete picture of your business, whether it is a single spa/clinic or a large chain
  • Proven safety record, with FDA approval¬†

Comprehensive Diode Laser Machine 

This machine has a specialized applicator, which allows you to easily select the appropriate spot size and treat larger areas in less time.  At the same time, synchronized contact cooling prevents burns and allows for supremely comfortable treatment. 

Whether you have light or dark skin, coarse or fine hair, you can enjoy effective hair removal on all areas of the body with treatments that are fast, safe, and virtually painless.

Smart Clinic

The Smart Clinic’s intelligent interface supports image and video storage, and it conveniently guides the operator step by step.   The registered user can easily access all previous treatment parameters.

This humanized design makes the entire treatment process more efficient.  For example, you can better follow up on each client’s care program, including areas of the body that were treated, protocols, and dates of visit.  The result is improved customer support and satisfaction.

Upgraded Skin Analytics

This machine is equipped with an advanced skin analyzer, which includes a high-definition camera and real-time tracking treatment effect.

Skin Analyzer of Diode Laser Machine is Applied to the Skin 

Newly Upgraded, More Powerful Lasers 

The laser bars of this machine are made the United States and recently upgraded for better focusing effects.  

Furthermore, the upgraded handpiece is equipped with with four sizes of spot and is thus capable of efficiently treating the entire body, including large and small areas. 
Laser Hair Removal Machine Handle with Four Spot Sizes, Upgraded Safety

About the Triple Wavelength Feature

The Smart Android Hair Removal Laser Machine expertly treats all skin and hair colors, comfortably and effectively.

  • ALEX 755nm - Ideal for the widest range of hair colors and types, especially light hair and thin hair
  • SPEED 808nm - The gold standard in laser hair removal, offering high average ¬†power and deep penetration into the hair follicle¬†
  • YAG 1064nm - Incorporation of 1064nm increases the thermal profile of the overall laser treatment for more effective hair removal.¬†

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation is ideal for solving a variety of problems, and you can offer your clients a treatment plan that for face, neck, décolletage, arms, etc.

  • Reduce wrinkles¬†& fine lines
  • Repair broken¬†capillaries¬†
  • Reduce appearance of large pores
  • Remove age spots, freckles & other blemishes¬†
  • Reduce & eliminate hyperpigmentation¬†


Machine Function:  Professional hair removal & skin rejuvenation

Plug Type:  Based on your shipping address

Machine Power:  2400W

Adjustable Laser Power:  800W, 1200W, 1400W, 1600W

Wavelength:  808nm + 755nm + 1064nm

Energy Supply:  110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

Language Selection:  English, Spanish, French, Chinese (can request others)

Cooling System: Water cooling + TEC 450W cooling(exclusive) + Wind¬†cooling + sapphire (cooling painless temperature ¬†-10‚ĄÉ ~ 10‚ĄÉ)

Screen Size:  12 inch android screen ( resolution 1024*768 )

Handle Screen Size:  2.4 inch color touch LCD screen, same control as with the main machine

Memory:  8G

Net/Gross Weight:  65kg/75kg

Machine Warranty:  2 years



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