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6 Best Cavitation Machines in 2023

For those of us who are aspiring to slim down and reduce stubborn fat, it’s very exciting see the inches of fat melting away following a cavitation treatment session at the spa.

Going to the gym involves a lot of effort and time.  Enjoying a session at the spa is simply much more relaxing, and the great thing is that cavitation can achieve the same results as your sweaty gym workout!

Yes, ultrasonic cavitation is a salon treatment that can deliver remarkable body slimming effects.  But there are so many cavitation machines on the market.  Which ones are the best in 2023?

What is an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine?

Before we discuss which machines are the best in the marketplace, we should understand exactly what is an ultrasonic cavitation machine?

Ultrasonic cavitation, is a popular and essential body slimming treatment available in spas and clinics worldwide.  The treatment works by sending low frequency ultrasound waves through the skin, deep into the fat layer, causing bubbles to form and causing the fat cell membranes to burst.  The destroyed fat cells are then removed from the body naturally via the metabolic system over the coming weeks.  The procedure is completely non-invasive and requires no down-time.

Obviously ultrasonic cavitation is a great way to achieve permanent fat reduction painlessly without extra diet and exercise.  And an ultrasonic cavitation machine is the tool you need to make it happen.

Woman lying down is smiling as she received ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

Features to Consider when Shopping for an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

While there are a lot of cavitation machines on the market these days, not all are created equal.  Now we will explore what features you should consider.


Most cavitation machines offer multiple technologies.¬† The name on the label may simply say ‚ÄúCavitation Machine‚ÄĚ.¬† But typically¬†there will be additional¬†complimentary body contouring technologies available on the machine.¬† The most frequently combined technologies are radio frequency, vacuum therapy, lipo laser, ems, cold hammer, and micro-current phototherapy.¬† ¬†These technologies can make the fat reduction process more effective and can also help with skin tightening and lifting. ¬†For professional use especially, having these additional features can be quite useful, as they¬†allow you to create more customized treatment programs for your clients.

Ultrasonic Frequency 

Any wave with a frequency that is greater than the limit of human hearing ability (about 16 KHz) is considered ultrasonic.  Most ultrasonic cavitation machines on the market are either 80KHz, 40KHz or 30KHz, with 40KHz being the most common.

Frequency and wavelength have an inverse relationship.  Therefore, the lower frequency cavitation machines have a longer wavelength and can reach deeper into the fat layers than the higher frequency machines.  This is something to consider if you or your clients have thicker layers of fat.


Depending on the power output of the cavitation handle, the treatment can effects can be achieved more or less rapidly.  To achieve significant fat loss within the first several sessions, look for a power output of greater than 40W such as our 9 in 1 Cavitation Machine for Toning & Slimming, with 60W.  And beware of advertisers offering false specifications.

Ease of Use

Most cavitation machines feature a touch screen display.  Make sure that it is easy to operate.  Also make sure that the handles are easy to hold and maneuver.  Plastic handles are lighter weight, but metal handles can be easier to control.

Some cavitation machines offer 2 or more technologies¬†in the same treatment handle such as¬†our ‚ÄúS-Shape‚ÄĚ cavitation machines (example: S-Shape 30K Cavitation Machine with Lipo Laser), which can save you time and make the treatment more efficient.


There is wide range of cavitation machine prices.  There are many high quality machines available for $200~$3000.  If a portable cavitation machine you are looking at costs more than $3000, you may be simply overpaying, or you may be paying a lot extra for some freebies that are offered such as some training courses.


Depending on where you purchase your machine, you may get or may not get a good warranty.  And check what the warranty includes.  If spare parts need to be replaced, who will be responsible for shipping costs?

Best Cavitation Machines in 2023

Now that we know what a cavitation machine is and what features to consider, we are ready to check the best cavitation machine available to buy right now!

1.  Best Cavitation Machine for Professional Use

Whether your spa/clinic is new or well-established, you need a machine that will deliver real visible results.  Happy clients are one of the best ways to increase your revenue over time because they keep coming back, and they refer their friends as well.

The 9 in 1 Cavitation Machine for Toning & Slimming has a high power cavitation handle, relative to other brands, so it will remove more fat faster.  It also has more functions and is completely capable of performing a full body contouring session or a facial lifting treatment, as desired.

REJUVA FRESH  9 in 1 Cavitation Machine for Toning & Slimmimg

2.  Best Cavitation Machine for Home Use

Want to do your own cavitation body slimming treatment at home?  Then look no further than our popular 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine for Fat Blasting.  This machine features the same powerful 40K cavitation handle as the 9 in 1 professional machine.

Plus, the user friendly display makes operating the 6 functions very easy.  Vacuum suction improves lymphatic drainage, lipo lasers melt additional fat bulges, and radio frequency helps tighten skin all over  body and face.

REJUVA FRESH 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

3.  Best 30K Cavitation Machine

30K cavitation, with its longer wavelength, is the best option if you need to remove thick layers of fat.  This is because the longer wavelength can reach deeper into the fat layers than the shorter wavelengths of 40K and 80K cavitation.

If you want the most potent 30K machine, we recommend Rejuva Fresh S-Shape 30K Cavitation Machine with 160mw Lipo Laser.   With this machine you get the added power of the professional strength fat melting lasers so you can enjoy fast slimming results, even on people with a lot of fat.

REJUVA FRESH 30K Cavitation Machine with Big 160mw Laser

4.  Best Budget Friendly 40K Cavitation Machine

If you are looking for the machine that will burn the most fat for your money,  you’ll definitely want to consider Rejuva Fresh’s popular 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine, which is is only $230 and includes a one year warranty.

40K cavitation is the most popular type of cavitation because it works effectively on the most body types.  With this machine you’ll also get radio frequency skin tightening for body and face, making your purchase an extra fantastic value.

40K ultrasonic cavitation machine

5.  Best Simple 40K Cavitation-Only Machine

Don’t want all the extra functions such as radio frequency, lipo laser, etc.?  If you are looking for a super basic streamlined 40K cavitation machine, you’ll definitely want to purchase our 40K Cavitation Weight Loss Massager.

It does it’s job flawlessly by boosting metabolism and breaking down fat into liquid, which is then excreted from the body, leaving you with a slimmer figure.

6.  Best Cavitation Machine with Beautiful Design

Effective body shaping results will always come first, but a chic stylish design can also help attract spa clients and keep them coming back.

Whether it’s for your spa or for yourself, the Rose Gold 6 in 1 Lipo Cavitation Machine is simply stunning.  And it doesn’t just look good - it effectively removes cellulite and fat, repairs stretch marks, firms the skin, and helps your clients achieve the body shape they are dreaming of.

Additional Cavitation Machine Options

Want to explore more cavitation machines options?  Rejuva Fresh has the best selection of ultrasonic cavitation beauty machines available for sale online.  Enjoy free shipping and warranty with all machine purchases.  Check out the collection here.