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How to Choose the Right Body Contour Machine

Sometimes, losing those extra pounds can feel like an impossible feat. Following healthier eating habits, getting enough sleep every night and exercising on a regular basis are a few of the basic ways to increase your chances of weight loss, but this doesn’t always go as planned.

Sometimes hormones and genetics play a major role in body composition and can make it difficult to get the results you want to achieve.

Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier than ever to get rid of the stubborn pounds that you can’t seem to shake. At Rejuva Fresh, we have a variety of effective body contour machines that can help you target the fat and feel more comfortable and confident in your skin than ever before.

Here are our favorite body contouring machine for home use and for professionals to enjoy:

Mini EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine

Looking for a body contouring treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you please?) The Mini EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine is a treatment option that helps your body build muscle and burn fat at the same time, so you can tone and slim your figure at an intensity much greater than exercise alone can provide.

This machine simultaneously emits high intensity electromagnetic energy and radio frequency (RF). The RF prepares the muscles in the same way a warm up activity would at the start of a workout. The high intensity magnetic wave technology stimulates thousands of forced muscle contractions during each 30-minute treatment session. Such supra-maximal contractions are not achievable by normal exercise and result in a large amount of fat decomposition. And the results go further than dissolving fat, as the extreme training results in deep muscle remodeling, building and strengthening.

The best part? It’s portable so you can blast fat and strengthen muscle no matter where you are.

Magnetic Neo Pad for Butt Sculpting

You don’t have to do hundreds of squats everyday to achieve the perfect round bottom. The Magnetic Neo Pad for Butt Sculpting is used to help sculpt and firm the buttocks, but can also help recover the pelvic floor muscles. It’s a magnetic seat cushion that conforms to your unique body shape and uses heating that increases muscle fibers and destroys fat cells so you’re left with a firm, toned buttocks.

9 in 1 Fat Burner Lipo Cavitation Machine

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive cavitation machine for body slimming and skin tightening, consider the 9 in 1 Fat Burner Lipo Cavitation Machine. With nine different functions, this machine can remove cellulite, reshape the body and rejuvenate your skin, and can even be used from home. The functions include:

  • Negative Pressure Head, which accelerates the fat burning and reshaping in the body and face
  • 40k Fat Exploding Head, which consumes calories and cell moisture for efficient fat removal
  • Sextupole Firm Head, which promotes natural resistance movement of tissues while encouraging collagen production, which makes the skin tighter and more youthful.
  • Ice Hammer, which reduces the size of your pores
  • Photo Rejuvenation Head, which improves the elasticity of the skin
  • EMS, which encourages reshaping and overall weight loss
  • Quadrupole Firming Head, which replenishes protein and promotes collagen proliferation.
  • Tripolar Firming Head, which massages around the eye area to stimulate collagen and protein production in the skin
  • Laser Fat Reduction Board, which promotes circulation, increases metabolism and breaks down fat.

Find What You Need at Rejuva Fresh

Whether you need a body contouring machine for professional purposes or you want to enjoy the convenience of fat burning from your own personal space, Rejuva Fresh has an option for you.

All of our cavitation and body contour machines are designed to send radio frequency ultrasonic waves deep below the surface of the skin to improve lymphatic circulation and drainage while also promoting fat loss. Each session encourages the lymphatic system to collect the fat cells and dispose of them, leaving you with the toned, sculpted body you’ve always wanted.

Searching for the best body contouring machines? Look no further. Browse our cavitation machines and EMSlim machines today.