4 Best Cavitation Machines to Buy in 2024 - Read this Guide to Achieve Results

4 Best Cavitation Machines to Buy in 2024 - Read this Guide to Achieve Results

Are you tired of working out and dieting without seeing enough results? If so, then ultrasonic cavitation might be the solution you've been looking for.

If you are shopping around for a new cavitation machine for yourself or for your spa, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of models that claim to do the same thing.

Some are big, some are small.  Some have a lot of handles and others have just a few.  Some are 40KHz, while others are 30KHz or 20KHz.  And, it’s really difficult to know which one will give you good results.  That’s exactly why we present this article for you!

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation? 

Ultrasonic cavitation is an effective non-invasive procedure for body fat removal, which has revolutionized the beauty industry.   Not only is it safe and effective for most people, the results are permanent because the ultrasonic waves actually kill fat cells.

It works like this:  the cavitation machine’s ultrasound handle is massaged on the targeted body part while its emits ultrasonic waves.  These ultrasonic waves penetrate through the skin and into the fat tissue.  The waves cause bubbles to be formed around the fat cells, and the pressure of the bubbles causes the fat cells to burst.  The dead fat cells are then removed from the body naturally via the body’s natural metabolic process.  The result is a slimmer, leaner physique!

What is the Best Frequency for Ultrasonic Cavitation?  20K vs 30K vs 40K vs 80K

When it comes to ultrasonic cavitation frequency, lower is generally preferable.  This is due to the inverse relationship between frequency and wavelength, meaning that 20K has a longer wavelength than 30K, which has a longer wavelength than 40K, and so on.

When the ultrasound wavelength is very long  (lower ultrasonic  frequency) it can penetrate through the skin with ease.  Additionally, the longer wave can effectively reach deeper into the fat layer to disrupt and eliminate thick deposits.

What power of cavitation is required to get effective results?

If the ultrasonic waves fail to exert sufficient pressure on the fat cells to liquify them, the fat will remain in the body, and you won’t be happy with the results, despite of all your time and effort undergoing the procedure.

While the fat cells in different peoples’ bodies vary in size and thickness, as does their cell wall structure, cavitation power should be minimum of 60W and preferably 100W to get really good results.

Why is Kim 8 Slimming System better & more effective than S-Shape Cavitation?

Kim8 and S-Shape are two types of commonly used operating systems for cavitation machines.

On the Kim8 operating system, each of the different functions are separate and each type energy is focused and creates maximum impact on the cells it interacts with.

A typical abdominal slimming treatment using Kim8 will go like this:  Firstly, use body RF handle to activate and warm up cells in the subcutaneous tissue, ensuring these cells are ultra-receptive to the forthcoming cavitation treatment.  Secondly, use ultrasonic cavitation to send low frequency ultrasound waves into the fat tissue to break up the cells.  Thirdly, use strong vacuum suction to stimulate and improve lymphatic drainage.   Next other treatments an be performed, such as RF skin tightening, micro-current photon therapy, cryo massage, lipo laser treatment, etc.

S-Shape cavitation, on the other hand, is a specialized system that combines multiple functions in one handle, such as ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency combined in one handle. However, layering the different energies can significantly limit the system's effectiveness, because the energy waves from these different functions inevitably interfere and compete with each other.

While S-Shape cavitation can save you time by performing two or more functions at once, it may not be the best choice for achieving optimal results in body fat reduction and skin tightening.  This makes S-Shape Cavitation an unsatisfying investment because of its inferior results.

What’s the best cavitation machine to invest in in 2024?

#1:  Best Traditional Cavitation Machine for Professional Use:

Eris Lipo Cavitation Machine 9 in 1 Professional

The spa industry is highly competitive and you need to satisfy your customers and give them great results to keep them coming back for more.  Eris 9 in 1 Professional uses advanced 20K cavitation technology to effectively penetrate the fat layer to dissolve and permanently remove fat cells.  Rejuva Fresh is the developer of the groundbreaking 20K cavi-lipo laser treatment, and the Rejuva Fresh brand is one of the most popular and best selling in the global spa industry.

Eris Lipo Cavitation Machine 9 in 1 Professional’s operating system is an advanced version of Kim8 and offers a higher level of power and energy compared to other available cavitation machines, including those that are more expensive.

This machine also has an adjustable ultrasonic frequency that ranges from 10KHz to 100KHz. (For optimal use, the frequency should be set at approximately 20KHz.)

The system also allows you to easily verify and adjust the ultrasonic frequency on your own. In contrast, other brands often have a fixed frequency, leaving you uncertain of the quality and relying solely on their claims.

#2 Best Luxury Cavitation Machine for Professional Use:

MultiNexis Body Remodeling System 6 in 1

Using a fusion of infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, vacuum suction, and high-powered rollers, MultiNexis is a body contouring device that has been FDA cleared to effectively eliminate fat and cellulite by specifically targeting and eradicating fat cells deep within the body's tissue layers.

The process is completely non-invasive and usually involves two weekly sessions over a period of 2-4 weeks to achieve significant results, including weight loss, improved skin texture, and increased self-confidence in your body.

This top-of-the-line machine also boasts several notable features that greatly enhance the comfort of both patients and operators.

For example, there is a touch screen located on the handle, which offers easy parameter adjusting, depending on the patient's specific situation during the procedure.
And, the product's ultra quiet operation, with a sound level of 40-60dB, significantly improves the comfort of patients.

#3 Best Portable Cavitation Machine for Professional Use

Adonis 30K Cavitation Machine Pro 9 in 1

This machine is perfect for beauty professionals looking for advanced Rejuva Fresh technology and medical-grade performance, but with a portable style. With 9-in-1 functionality, including ultrasonic cavitation, lipo laser, EMS, RF, microcurrent phototherapy, and more, it's a top choice for those seeking professional results and the ability to easily offer a variety of treatment add-ons.

The machine’s operating system is also an advanced version of Kim8, which means the treatment results are far superior to S-Shape.  Furthermore its optimal ultrasonic frequency is 30KHz and the cavitation power exceeds 110W, which is more than sufficient to safely and effectively break down medium and thick body fat with ease.   

#4 Best Budget Cavitation Machine for Professional or Personal Use

Adonis 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine for Fat Blasting

Meet the most effective portable 40K 6 in 1 cavitation machine on the market today.  It’s expertly designed by Rejuva Fresh to aid in achieving your desired body shape, while helping to prevent weight gain.

The Adonis 40KHz cavitation handle boasts significantly higher power compared to competing brands. With a remarkable 80W output, it surpasses the 20-30W power of cavitation 2.0 and 2.5 products.

The combination of strong vacuum suction and bi-polar RF technology accelerates the elimination of body fat and enhances lymphatic drainage

Meanwhile, multipolar RF technology is used to improve skin texture, provide a lifting effect, and increase skin elasticity throughout the body.


Ultrasonic cavitation can help make achieving a toned and slim body, including reducing belly fat, more attainable than ever before!  Choose a cavitation machine with sufficient power and optimal ultrasonic frequency for best results.

Rejuva Fresh designs and sells  top-of-the-line ultrasonic cavitation machines for use in spas, salons, and even for personal use. These highly effective machines, designed by our expert engineers, are proven to be more powerful and burn a significantly greater amount of fat compared to other brands.

Rejuva Fresh machines come with complimentary training and a three-year warranty. We also provide expert advice on all of our products. To learn more about our fat cavitation machines, please feel free to contact us.