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Accessory Curved Handle For EMSlim Neo Home UseMachine

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Use these handles with your Mini EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine to achieve improved body contouring.  Flat handle is ideal for abdominals and back.  Curved handle is ideal for legs and arms.  Use the cushion to sculpt your buttocks. 

Sculpt the abdominals, legs and arms and buttocks with Mini EMSlim Neo Machine


  • Reduces amount of fat¬†
  • Increases the amount of muscle
  • Improves your muscle isolation, tone and strength¬†
  • Radio frequency skin tightening¬†

The results of using your Mini EMSlim RF Machine can be quite satisfying, similar to doing several months worth of gym workouts.  Users can expect to see obvious visible results within 2-4 weeks and continued improvements moving forward.  

How Does the Mini EMSlim Neo RF Work?

The machine simultaneously emits synchronized high intensity electromagnetic energy and radio frequency (RF). The RF heat prepares muscles for the exposure to stress, similar to what a warm up activity does before any physical workout.  Within minutes, fat cells are collapsed & damaged, and are slowly removed from the body.

An electromagnetic field passes through the skin and fat tissues and stimulates the various layers of muscle, causing them to contract.  The range of frequencies used is such that the muscles are not allowed to relax in between contractions and are forced to remain in a contracted state for several seconds.  Thus the muscles are strengthened and trained without any stress on the joints.  

High Intensity Focused magnetic Increase muscle or decrease Fat




    • Product Size: 18*38*8cm
    • Product Weight: 3 kg
    • Package Size: 25*45*15cm
    • Package Weight: 4 kg


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