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How to Build Muscle & Burn Fat with an EMS Sculpting Machine

For all but a lucky few of us, achieving that toned body look that is so popular on social media platforms like Instagram right now is incredibly hard work. It takes plenty of dedication and discipline in both the gym and the kitchen to achieve a toned and sculpted body, and many people are also enhancing their look with cosmetic surgeries.

However, for those of us that want get this same sexy sculpted torso with less effort, and without going under the knife, there an innovative and non-invasive body contouring option to consider - EMS sculpting.

Indeed, EMS sculpting is rapidly emerging as a must-have service in beauty salons and clinics across the country, because obvious treatment results can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes, while also being completely non-invasive and with no downtime required. This makes it the perfect option for those looking for optimal results, but who do not want to deal with the side effects of other body contouring options like liposuction.

Woman Wears Black exercise wear with sculpted  abdominal , EMS sculpting machine

What is an EMS Sculpting Machine?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation, an effective technique for body sculpting that today is available, not only in salon environments, but for home use as well.

An EMS sculpting machine, such as an EMSlim machine or EMSzero machine, uses high-intensity electromagnetic waves, which penetrate up to 7cm of subcutaneous muscle tissue safely and non-invasively, building muscle and burning fat at the same time!

When an EMS machine emits waves during a treatment, the waves force high tension continuous expansion and contraction of the muscles being targeted. These supramaximal exercises help the muscles to grow, while also dissolving surrounding fat cells.

One of the best things about using an EMS sculpting machine in your spa or clinic is that it offers a great deal of flexibility and customization for each client. The treatment can be used to target specific muscle groups such as buttocks, calves, abdominals, quads, and even triceps.

Patients can also decide whether they want to achieve both muscle building and fat burning, or to emphasize muscle building exclusively.  By simply selecting the appropriate parameters on the EMS sculpting machine, you as a therapist can specifically tailor the treatment to what your client is looking for, easily and safely.

How to use a High-intensity EMS Sculpting Machine?

Another factor that makes EMS sculpting a must-have service for your salon is that the machines are so easy to operate. The procedure is as simple as having your client get comfortable on the treatment bed, attaching the EMS sculpting paddles with the affixed straps, and pressing start!

Indeed, most EMS machines offer a range of settings including an easy/automatic mode, which means it will deliver the treatment easily with no input other than intensity level and treatment time selection.  Of course, professional EMS sculpting machines designed for salons and treatment centers will also offer a range of professional modes that can be customized to offer a more individualized experience for each of your clients.

Esthetician straps ems paddle to the female customer abdominal area

How to Choose the Best EMS Sculpting Machine

Now that you know exactly why EMS sculpting is a must-have service for your salon, you are probably wondering how to choose the best machine for your needs. Well, the good news is you can discover the most critical factors that you will need to consider, below, thereby helping you to make the right decision for your business and your clients. 

Factors to consider when choosing an EMS machine 


The cost will always be an important factor when choosing an EMS machine for your business, as you will want to ensure that you get a great ROI. You will also need to factor in the cost of replacement parts and maintenance to keep the machine in tip-top condition.

Happily, because EMS treatments are so popular, you can expect them to generate a significant amount of revenue that should cover these costs, as well as provide a healthy profit?

Customizable settings

When choosing an EMS machine it's also very important that you consider whether you will need one that offers customizable settings. These can be slightly more expensive, but they will allow your clients to choose whether to make use of the muscling toning effect, fat-burning effect, or both at the same time.

Size, and shape

The size and shape of the EMS sculpting machine you choose is also crucial. For example, if you only have a small treatment space, a large machine may not be a practical choice. The good news is there are some smaller machines on the market, including portable options which are ideal for home use.

Although it is worth noting that such machines will have less power and can only treat a smaller area at a time.

Reputable and expert supplier

Finally, when choosing an EMS sculpting machine, you will need to make sure you get one from a reputable and expert supplier. A supplier that can offer recommendations on the type of machine that would work for your needs, and provide the supplies you need to operate them effectively.

Happily Rejuva Fresh is that supplier. Indeed, by choosing Rejuva Fresh for all your EMS sculpting machine needs you will have access to the best selection of high-quality EMSlim and EMSzero machines for professional use by spas and clinics, as well as high-quality machines for at-home use.

Rejuva Fresh recommendations:

For professional use, the most popular EMS sculpting options are:

Professional EMSzero Body Sculpting Machine 5 in 1

This professional EMSzero machine is simple and easy to use, and offers body contouring using the most up-to-date magnetic muscle training, making it an effective option for your beauty salon.

A single session of 30 mins is the same as several hours of intense gym exercise. This machine is built with high-end air cooling technology, which ensures it can be used continuously for 10 hours, making it the ideal option for busy salons and clinics.

4 handles muscle stimulator EMS machine, sculpted Abdominal

EMSlim Neo Body Contouring Machine Professional 

Easy to use with an Intelligent 13.3-inch Android Operating System that provides online training, this  EMSlim is also great professional option. 

The EMSlim features a body composition analyzer that works via Bluetooth and can record and analyze all the data of your client before and after treatment. It also features seven different modes so you can customize the treatment specifically to your client's needs including limbs and pelvic floor training.

For home use, Rejuva Fresh recommends:

Mini EMSlim Neo Body Sculpting Machine

Its mini in size, but powerful in effect, as it uses the same high intensity EMS sculpting treatment technology as the larger professional machines.  With only handle you’ll need to complete more sessions to cover the same treatment area, but it still adds up!

Moreover, it’s perfectly portable, so you can enjoy the EMS Sculpting treatment anywhere.

Mini ems sculpting machine with one handle

Visit rejuvafresh.com to buy your EMS sculpting machine today.