Treatment Results

As a leading global brand of aesthetic technology, Rejuva Fresh USA is committed to providing you with real and satisfying results. Whether you're a provider or a patient, our machines are designed to outperform our competitors and exceed your expectations.  See it for yourself…

1) Firstly you can Read Reviews written by real verified buyers of Rejuva Fresh aesthetic equipment.

2) Next you can see visual evidence of the effectiveness of Rejuva Fresh technology through selected before & after photos, provided by clients and research studies, performed by our team and monitored by independent research authorities.

EMS Body Sculpting

10 sessions over 6 weeks, 30 min per session:

2 weeks after 8 sessions over 4 weeks,  30 min per session:

10 sessions over 5 weeks, 30 min per session:

Ultrasonic Cavitation:

 6 sessions over 3 weeks, 1 hour per session:

5 sessions over 2 weeks, 45 min per session:


Cryotherapy Fat Freezing:

1 week after 2 sessions over 8 weeks, 1 hour per session:



Golden RF Micro-Needling:

2 treatments of 1 hour, spaced 1 month apart 

1 month after 1st one your treatment


About 5 week after first one hour  treatment 

HIFU Treatment:

2 months after one initial treatment session of 1 hour:

2.5 months after one initial treatment session of 1 hour:


1 months after one initial treatment session of 1 hour:

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